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healthcare heck ever appear on the -- did hillary clinton ever appear on a sitcom? no, she didn't, but that was one consideration. that is one thing you'll find as the national archives releases documents from the bill clinton presidency. other documents touch on everything from the failed effort on health reform to new technology back then referred to as the super information highway now called the internet. >>> let's get back to the district heights area now for the breaking news. firefighters say multiple fires were set at the oak crest condo on brooks drive and mola lenghi just arrived on the scene. tell us what you've learned. >> reporter: firefighters just said they just put out those fires. they were on the fifth floor of that building. behind me ladders extend up to the higher floors. they made some balcony rescues and as you said, firefighters say those fires on the fifth floor were intentionally set. several small fires is the way they described them. obviously they had to make some of those higher level unit rescues. they asked residents to come onto their balconies
and stamped confidential, but tomorrow a batch of memos and papers from the clinton administration will be made public. about 5,000 document will be released over the next two -- documents will be released over thbeen requested for years under the freedom of information act. >>> investigative reporter russ ptacek was told to mind his own business last spring and that restaurant owner is in trouble again. the return of the mice and a $10,000 bet on whether the restaurant will clean up its mess. >> reporter: you may were this metro center cozy from the rodent citation last year. well, they've been closed again and that's a new health hazard closure order on the front door. inside we watched cosi workers clean and prep for the reinspection it needs to reopen. outside bewildered customers pulled on locked doors and read the health department closure plaque. that's a health department health hazard sign. rodents. >> oh, gross. >> reporter: in its second closure inspectors cited cosi with mold growth in the ice machine, said floors near the oven were heavy with dirt and mouse dropping
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2